Changing Priority Do Actions

We have a list of over 60 actions that people can pledge to take. This is a big ole list, so you can choose 5 Priority Do Actions to display on your campaign page. People can still choose from the long list if they like. 

Setting Priority Do Actions really helps to make your campaign more relevant. This article explains more about why it's a great feature, if we do say so ourselves!

Use Priority Do Actions to increase relevance

Pro and Plus users can edit Priority Do Actions at any time to reflect your current priorities. For example, in January you may choose Veg Out and Cheesed Off. Or in November you might go for Lag your Loft, Rad reflections and Draught busters. 

Priority Do Actions can be set by campaign page, a super useful feature if different teams have different engagement or sustainability requirements.

If you're on the Plus tier, we can do it for you before you launch, especially if you'd like each campaign - your whole programme - to have the same Priority Do Actions. 

How to change Priority Do Actions

1. Go to your admin menu and go to the campaign page you want to work on. 

2. Click 'Update Do Actions'. 

3. Select which Do Actions you’d like to be prioritised.

4. Hit ‘confirm’.

Who can change Priority Do Actions

Anyone with editor permissions can update Priority Do Actions.

Removing Do Actions

Plus or Enterprise tiers can edit the menu of Do Actions, to remove action that are less relevant to that organisation. 

We'll gather this information in the set up process. If you're interested in finding out more about our Plus or Enterprise tier read this overview or book a call to speak to one of the team. 

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