This article shows you how to make someone an editor and explains what editors can do.

Editor overview

You can give any user editor controls for specific campaign pages. This is ideal for delegating responsibility to team leaders or for simply sharing control with your colleagues.

What permissions do Campaign editors have?

✓ Edit the banner image
✓ Edit description text
✓ Edit the priority Do Actions
✓ Add new editors
✓ Receive weekly update emails

They will NOT be able to:

  • Edit other campaign pages
  • Edit your organisation’s information and logo
  • Add new teams or remove old ones
  • View the business dashboards
  • Edit the overall list of Do Actions
  • Manage your organisations users or subscription
If you’d like to give someone more permissions than this, they'll need to be made a business admin. Contact us to do that.

Step by step guide to making someone an editor

Step 1

✓ Make sure all the people you want to add as an editor already have Do Nation accounts. You can add them through your user management portal or ask them to sign up here if not.

Step 2

✓ Go to the campaign page you want to add an editor to. Make sure you’re logged in.

Step 3

✓ Select controls > editors on the admin panel on the left.

Step 4

✓ Add the email address of the person you want to make an editor. Make sure it's all lower case.

Step 4

✓ They’ll receive an email notifying them that they’ve been given editor rights, including a link to the page.

Step 5

✓ Repeat for each team’s campaign page.

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