About Priority Do Actions

We have 60+ everyday climate actions to choose from at Do Nation.

From using a reusable coffee cup or spending less time in the shower, to avoiding unsustainable palm oil and donating clothes to charity. 

This choice means there’s something for everyone, but it's a long list to choose from. 

So we recommend using our cunning Priority Do Actions (PDAs) feature.

We set five topical and seasonally appropriate actions each month that you can use, or you can select your own five Priority Do Actions, and change them at any time.

Why customise Priority Do Actions?

  1. To make your programme more relevant – for example, if you’re running a programme across your halls of residence, you’re unlikely to want to encourage students to install solar panels. Why fill up space and confuse users by including Sun power in your list then?
  2. To support a defined focus - if your programme has a specific focus, it’s good for your Do Actions to reflect this. For example, a client used Do Nation as part of their Nutrition Week, so included only food-related Do Actions in their campaign.
  3. To keep your programme interesting and inspiring and maintain engagement - changing the priority actions every two month pledge period can encourage people to keep pledging. 
    1. It's a great comms tool to support internal or external sustainability or climate campaigns, like World Water Day or Organic September). 

Real life examples to inspire your planning

In the build up to the UN Climate Conference, innocent drinks focused on carbon-saving actions, while Siemens focused on actions that reduce air pollution for World Environment Day.

Procter and Gamble focused on actions that are relevant for their business - washing at 30 degrees, taking shorter showers, recycling, etc.

H+K Strategies have run campaigns in January, and so prioritised actions around exercise and healthy eating.

💡Plan engaging comms and increase a sense of community by creating campaigns around your Priority Actions. Use content in the 'how' sections on the Do Action pages, and use our monthly Do Action Plans for tips and inspiration. 

Who can edit Priority Do Actions?

Pro and Plus editors can edit the priority Do Actions at any time to reflect their current priorities. 

This can either be done campaign-by-campaign, useful if each team has different needs, or for all campaigns within a leaderboard at once. 

Now you know why customising your Priority Dos is a great idea, read how to change your Priority Do Actions.

Where will people see our Priority Do Actions?

They're on each campaign page.

If you'd like to see what Do Nation have set as our general PDAs, they are listed at the top of the full Do Action list.

Customising your Do Action menu

Customise the wider menu by deleting irrelevant Do Actions on the Do Nation Plus tier.

Can we have a new Do Action?

Yup, if you're on the Enterprise subscription. Contact us to find out more. 

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