Who is Do Nation for?

Do Nation can be used by pretty much anyone! Individuals and organisations of all shapes and sizes

  • For individuals; who are asking people to sponsor them with actions, not cash.
  • For organisations; three options: Pro, Plus and Enterprise
  • Donation of Do Nation; a 12 month free Pro subscription for charities or community groups; one donated per quarter. Apply by filling out this form.
  • If none of those fit the bill, get in touch

In this user guide:




Use this if you are embarking on some activity and you'd like your friends, family and other networks to pledge climate actions (instead of donate money) to support you.

Individual accounts are free! We want to encourage more people like you to lead the change, so there's no financial barrier.

Start now and use this guide to creating a profile and this guide to creating a campaign if you need help.


Do Nation helps you engage employees in meaningful action. 

Programmes support individuals to make everyday lifestyle changes which improve their health and wellbeing, and connect them to their organisation‚Äôs sustainability goals. 

Choose from three subscription tiers, each designed for different organisational sizes and sustainability goals:


This is our basic professional platform that allows you to easily and effectively engage employees in sustainability.

Ideal for smaller organisations. Includes features such as basic customisation, leaderboards, and impact dashboards.

¬£1/ employee / month 

Try a free two week trial of Do Nation Pro and have a play!


Ideal for organisations with 100+ employees or those looking for closer integration with their sustainability strategy.

All the Pro features, plus (see where we got the name?) greater customisation, reporting, and access to dedicated support from our team.

Book an intro call with Flynne for pricing and more.


A bespoke, private sub-site to suit your organisation's size and goals.

All the features of Pro and Plus along with tailored features and content. Book a call with Flynne to discuss your needs and get a quote.

We have a zero BS policy and will advise you honestly on the best route for your organisation, depending on your aims and objectives for your campaign. 

If you are a team of 100+, book an intro call with Flynne.

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