The four fundamentals of behaviour change

Before someone can change a behaviour, the brain needs to pave the way.

Here’s what has to happen:

  1. Acknowledge there is a problem and understand the issue
  2. See personal values and identity reflected in messages around it
  3. See people in their community take action
  4. Feel empowered & supported to take action

Do Nation programmes facilitate these fundamentals of behaviour change in various ways:

  1. Our Do Action pages contain accessible information on different climate issues and the practical steps people can take to tackle them. Its easier to acknowledge the problem when you know just how serious it is.
  2. We support organisations with internal communications and messaging. Our communications templates are easily editable to better reflect your brand identity, values and messaging.
  3. Each community can see the actions others are taking on their Do Nation pages, this not only helps hold individuals accountable to their pledges, but also encourages others to pledge to support their community.
  4. Do Nation provides tips and inspiration along the way to support people change behaviours. By design, it's about communities taking action together, providing a sense of empowerment from taking purposeful action alongside people in your community.
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