Completing and confirming a Pledge

Here you will find out how to confirm your pledge and what happens if you've not quite managed it (don't worry, not everyone does). 

Pledge confirmation email

After two months, we email you and ask you if you completed your pledge or not. It’s a simple sliding scale, from “totally nailed it” to “oops! I completely failed”. If you don't answer, we have to assume you didn't do it.

Don't worry if you didn't nail it

Lots of people don’t complete the actions; some are easier said than done, so don't feel bad about it. 

If behaviour change was really easy, we'd all be award-winning, debt-free, sugar-free, PhD-MasterChef- athletes. Sounds intense.

Confirming your pledge through your profile page

You can confirm your pledge without an email from us, just:

  1. Log in and hover on your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen
  2. Choose 'Profile' from the drop down menu
  3. Look at the left hand blue menu panel and click 'Pledges'
  4. Look at the under 'Confirmable Pledges' section in the middle of your screen; it'll show if you have any pledges ready to confirm
  5. If it says 0 come back another day 🙂

What happens if I don't complete my pledge?

If you don't take any action at all, your carbon savings won’t be added to your campaign's total, but don't give yourself a hard time. 

You can still make a difference by choose an easier pledge next time, or pledge it again if you really want to make that change.

If you have managed to do a bit, and told us that when you confirm, we'll add a pro-rata amount of carbon savings to the campaign you're a part of. 

Please fill out the survey we send after two months. When we learn what got in the way or made it tough, we can tweak our pledges to make behaviour change for everyone easier in the future. 

Pledging after a campaign has ended

If the school campaign you pledged to has ended - you can continue to pledge.

There are two options:  

  1. Just pledge to our general public campaign, Small actions, big difference
  2. Create your own campaign ask your friends and family to pledge alongside you to give you the support, encouragement and impetus to help you make that behaviour change for good.
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