Creating an account and making your Pledge

1. Once you are on your school's Do Nation page and selected the team you want to pledge to and decided on which pledge you want to make -  you will be ready to MAKE YOUR PLEDGE! 

2. Once you click pledge - if you've not logged in before, you'll be taken through to a page where you need to create an account. It's completely free and we only ask for minimal information (your name and email address). Please check out our Privacy Policy for more information.

3. After you've created your account, you just need to confirm your email address by clicking the link we email to you. 

4. Once you have confirmed your email address you can log in. Once in your account you can:

✓ View your pledges
✓ View your pledges
✓ See an overview of how your school and team is doing
✓ Change your profile image (from the friendly green stick person)
✓ Edit your personal details 
✓ Edit your password
✓ Link to your facebook account

PLEASE NOTE: That for safeguarding reasons your pledge will be anonymised on the school's site and your name will not be shown.  Your pledge will just show as 'someone' and will look like this: 

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