Promoting the Programme

While the Do Nation platform takes a lot of the weight of your behaviour change campaigns off your shoulders, there’s one thing we can’t do for you. That’s promoting the Programme within your school. 

As a school you first need to decide: 

  1. Who are you aiming to target? Perhaps break this down into sub groups, so you can really tailor your messaging - students, parents or the wider community. 
  2. What’s your aim from the campaign? E.g. are you going for maximum carbon savings, or are you more concerned about the number of people you engage? How many pledges would you like to raise? 
  3. What other initiatives are going on that you could tie into? Either in the wider world or within your school curriculum or syllabus. 
  4. What communications channels are available to you? We’d always recommend using a mixture of the below:
  • Email
  • Face to face - assembly, form group/ class meetings, all-staff/ student presentations
  • Internal media - your internal school communications platform 
  • Your intranet or blog (we’ve built some great widgets to help with this)
  • Offline materials – postcards, stickers, reusable bottles and more. See our brochure for more info.
  • Good old posters
  • Videos and photos to bring your programme to life.

TIP: If you have Team Leaders it is really useful if they can then push and promote their own team!

Once you are ready for people to start pledging - you just need to share the URL of your school page and off they go! 

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