A leaderboard creates a bit of friendly competition and helps people feel part of a wider community, taking action together. 

The leaderboard ranks your campaigns (teams) against each other and can be sorted by various metrics.

Before an Admin can create a leaderboard, the individual campaign pages for each of team. 

Once all the campaign pages are set up, go to the Main section of your school page and click Create > Leaderboard then follow the steps to create the leaderboard. 

Here is an outline of the leaderboard form:

Leaderboard name: this should be the umbrella name for the series of campaigns, e.g. “ [School Name's] Do Nation challenge”.

Description: optional, but a good opportunity to explain a bit about what you’re doing and why you want people to get involved, plus where visitors can find more information.

Default ordering: leaderboards can be sorted by a range of metrics. Pick the metric that will become your default when people land on the page. Remember you can edit it at any time.

Hit create and you’re ready to release the starting gun!

TIP: You can create multiple leaderboards -so for example you can have a 'WHOLE SCHOOL' leaderboard (to include all teams across the school) but then also create 'YEAR GROUP' leaderboards ( as a mini leaderboard between the form groups within each year group)
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