Setting up Team Campaign pages

Once we have set up your school's Do Nation page, anyone with Admin status can then set up the different Team's pages - here at Do Nation we call them Campaign pages. 

Team competition can really motivate people to get behind your schools programme. Within schools, teams are often set up by form group, year group, class, or house. You can also have a  ' school community support' team if you want to have an option for the wider school community to get involved -  but for people who wouldn't want to pledge to support one class/school team in particular. The more pledges the better! More carbon, water and waste savings!

Having teams within the school allows each year class, year group or house to really 'own' their impact, and strengthens the sense of community that Do Nation can help to build. It's well worth assigning a Team Leader to each, getting them excited about the programme, and making them an editor of their team's campaign page. 

It can take as little as two minutes to get a Campaign page up and running on Do Nation. 

Tip: If you are an Admin you can either create and customise each Campaign page using the steps below OR you can just create very basic campaign pages and then give Editors access to go back and edit that pages.

Here's how:

Step 1

In your left hand menu, in the Main section, click 'Create' then 'Campaign'

Step 2

Follow the steps in the left hand menu bar, starting with entering the team name and adding personalised intro wording. There's placeholder text that you can amend or replace altogether. Once you give someone editor status they can then go back and edit this too. 

Step 3

Add details specific to your campaign, note that some are optional.  Eg. The start and end dates:  don’t affect the functionality of your campaign at all; they’re purely for descriptive purposes. People can still record pledges on your campaign after the end date.The end date is good for creating a sense of urgency though - encouraging people to get on and record their pledges now.

Again, editors will be able be go back and edit this. 

Step 4 

Add a banner picture. Either select one of our generic pics, or upload something more specific. Again, this is something editors can go back and edit. 

🎉 Congratulations! Your campaign page is now ready!

As with any good campaign, the bit that takes most time is the planning and preparation. Deciding when you’re going to launch it, who you’re going to target, how you're going to promote it, etc. 

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