Why Team Leaders are important

Assigning Team Leaders (making them Editors to their campaign page) is highly recommended.Once someone is given 'Editor' control they will be able to edit a Team's campaign page. This

This is ideal for delegating responsibility to the team leaders or for simply sharing control of the programme  - maybe the class teacher will be the editor for each form group or a responsible student or group of students from each team could be joint editors.

 Delegating responsibility for customising team campaign pages and promoting the campaign internally is a great idea for several reasons:

  1. It lightens the load on your shoulders, allowing you to focus on the really important stuff.
  2. Team leaders can personalise campaigns more than you could, knowing which strings to pull to get key players from their team on board.
  3. If team leaders have ownership of the campaign pages themselves, they’ll put more effort into promoting them internally. They’re probably best placed to get staff, parents, and students on the ground involved too.
  4. It helps to develop leadership skills amongst team leaders – a great bonus point. For this reason, it can be good to assign students/ groups of students as team leaders!

All in all, team leaders are a great recipe for engagement.

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