Your pledge makes a difference

This article explains why your pledge makes a difference, even if it feels like a drop in the ocean.

It's a cliche, but it's true; together our actions really do add up to make a big difference. 

One small change

If you're making one small pledge, like turning your thermostat down 1 degree, you're not going to solve the climate crisis, let's be honest.

You will save 340kg CO2 a year1, the equivalent of leaving your TV on for 84 days straight, and you'll save some money.

42% of the UK’s carbon emissions are a result of individual’s actions, at home and in travel. That means that our actions, collectively, influence almost half of the nations carbon. So together we could make a pretty big difference.

The power of community

The magic is that you are part of a community of Doers. 

Each pledge makes a very real contribution towards that campaign's target - you can see that on the campaign page itself.

Within organisations, each team's campaign combines to form even more meaningful impact, you'll be able to see this on a leaderboard, if your organisation has one (most do).

Together we'll make a huge difference

If you then combine all the doers of Do Nation together, the difference becomes pretty staggering. As we grow, we achieve even more, together.

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