Different roles & engaging the right people

Here's the truth: your Do Nation campaign lives and dies on the people you recruit to help you run it. You'll need enthusiastic team leaders and engaged senior sponsors.
Here we outline: all the roles involved in a successful Do Nation campaign, why they  are essential, and the associated permissions and communications within the platform. 


This may be you! The admin, or admins are running the show. You're wearing the earpieces, holding the clipboards and shouting 'Go! Go!' just off stage.

User permissions

  • These users have full admin control of their organisation’s profile and all campaigns it has created, and can manage their Assigned Users and Editors.
  • The person who created the organisation profile will be an Admin by default; we can make up to five additional users Admins for you, for Pro subscribers.

Engagement communications

  • Do Nation sends admins and editors a weekly Do Update, with pledge and impact stats for the week just gone. This valuable information is great to help encourage team-specific engagement.

Team leaders 

Creating teams and recruiting good team leaders essential for nearly all programmes. The most successful campaigns have highly engaged team leaders who:

  • Are enthusiastic, care about sustainability, and love friendly competition 
  • Encourage people to share what they're doing and learning, as they pledge (internal comms channels like slack, yammer and teams are great for this)

Recruiting great team leaders

  1. You could recruit from your existing green teams, or ask people to volunteer.
    1. Some organisations invite people to apply by asking them what it would mean to them to be a team leader, and how they might keep people engaged.
  2. You don't need senior people as team leaders, in fact - being a team leader is a brilliant opportunity to practice leadership skills and build internal networks. Having a little confidence and bags of enthusiasm is a great starting point. 
  3. Team leaders are the champions for your programme. The more engaged they are, the more action happens!
People follow people; we are heavily influenced by who communicates information to us, so recruit your internal champions wisely.

User permissions

  • If you set your team leaders up as Editors they can edit the image, intro text and Priority Do Actions within their campaign page.
  • Team Leaders can be given editor rights to manage their team page.  It may not suit every organisation set up, but if it does, it gives team leaders ownership of their campaign page, and often results in higher engagement. Read this guide to making someone an editor.

We can run Team Leader training workshops for Plus subscribers. 

Engagement communications

  • For Plus and Enterprise tiers we run a kick off workshop for your team leaders, we show them how the platform works, explain why action matters, and answer questions.
  • Do Nation sends admins and editors a weekly Do Update, with pledge and impact stats for the week just gone. This valuable information is great to help encourage team-specific engagement.
  • We recommend you communicate regularly with your team leaders throughout the course of your programme; to keep them motivated and in turn, their teams. 
Have a channel or space on your internal comms platform for your team leaders. It helps create a cross-organisational community and a place to share tips, success and support.


Sometimes called Users, these are the people who pledge so it's everyone on your Do Nation, including the Admins and Team Leaders.

User permissions

  • Anyone with an account on Do Nation can record pledges on any Free campaigns. 
  • For most organisations on Pro, Plus and Enterprise, Doers will need permission from their organisation to pledge towards that organisation’s campaign*.
*Does not apply to university, community group and some Enterprise programmes.

Engagement communications

Any communications you plan should aim to reach all your Doers. Do Nation sends a carefully considered series of 5 short emails to your Doers, throughout each 2 month pledge period:
✓ One for each new Do Action pledged
✓ Three interim nudge emails
✓ One final email to confirm completion of the pledge.
✓ If someone makes more than one pledge (which most people do), pledges are bundled into emails 2 - 5 to reduce inbox overwhelm and carbon emissions!

Senior influencers

Aligning senior leaders to your programme will have a big impact. Evidence suggests that transformation is six times more likely to succeed when senior leaders share aligned messages about the change effort with the rest of the organisation .

Here are our two favourite ways to get your senior team on board:
1.Sharing the impact a Do Nation programme can have on the bottom line through improved health and wellbeing. See 2020 stats in this Do Nation impact report. 
2. Explaining how an employee engagement programme centred around individual action increases carbon literacy and will help connect people to the organisations sustainability strategy and goals. 

Our article on the benefits of individual action has more compelling details and data to help you get buy in from your senior team. 

If they're serious about their people and about the climate, a Do Nation programme ticks a lot of boxes. 

For powerful engagement you could recruit senior leaders a Team Leader or a team sponsor; helping the team leader to motivate and engage the team. 

Everyone has a hobby or a passion, so find people who are keen on sustainability, wellbeing, fitness, nature or even just someone very competitive! There’s lots to hook people in with - wherever they are in your organisation’s hierarchy.
We can offer more support and advice about team structures to Do Nation Plus and Enterprise subscribers.
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