Creating campaign pages, for organisations

Campaign pages are the heart of your programme as your teams will come to this page to make their pledges and see what pledges their team mates have made.

This article tells you how to set up a campaign page in just a couple of minutes.

In this user guide:

Campaign page overview

Step by step guide

Campaign page overview

Think about your campaign page as a team page; a community hub for each team. 

It's where people can make a pledge, see who else has pledged, and see live stats on the impact the team is having as a group.

Looking for pointers on how to structure your teams? Read this short guide

This is where admins and Editors can edit the Priority Do Actions.

Where Doers find this page: Listed within your leaderboard or as tiles at the base of your organisation page. Also on the search page under ‘campaigns’. 

If you only have one campaign, send people the direct link to this page.

Who can access this page: It depends how your programme is set up. If your campaign is set to be publicly visible, then anyone can see this page. On Plus and Enterprise tiers, you can choose to have a private site. 

Step guide

You’ll need:

  • A Do Nation account
  • A picture for your page header
  • Optional: text to welcome people to your page (we provide suggested copy but recommend you edit it to make it relevant to your organisation and your Doers)

Step 1

In your left hand menu, in the Main section, click 'Create' then 'Campaign'

Step 2

Follow the steps in the left hand menu bar, starting with entering your team name and adding personalised intro wording. There's placeholder text that you can amend or replace altogether. 

Tip: Make your wording relevant to your organisation's overall programme and the specific team. A fun pre-engagement activity is get people to invent team names and a slogan. Let a little wit and creativity boost the page and people's engagement with the campaign.

Step 3

Add details specific to your campaign, note that some are optional.

Tip: You may like to add a start date a week or two from when you create the page. This is good if you need a little time to come back and edit the pages; helpful if you're the admin setting up the campaign pages initially, for your team leaders to then personalise.

Step 4

Add a banner picture. Either select one of our generic pics, or upload something more specific. Just save it to your computer first. Our site will resize your picture, though it helps to choose an image that is long enough for a banner format.

Tip: Use an inspiring, engaging image if possible. This page is the hub for your team remember, so choose an image they can identify and connect with.

🎉 Congratulations! Your first campaign page is ready! Create as many campaign pages as you have teams.

Some organisations let their Team Leaders personalise the page by adding copy and different images so their team connects with the content and feels inspired to pledge. 

When all your team campaign pages are set up, you can create a leaderboard and add all the teams to it - to fire the essential ingredient of every successful Do Nation programme; healthy competition. 

Now you can select your Priority Do Actions.

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