Why your action matters

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Why your action matters

The benefits of individual action

Why your action matters?

Did you know that 42% of the UK’s carbon emissions are a result of individual’s actions?

That means that our actions, collectively, influence almost half of the nations carbon. So together we could make a pretty big difference. 

Systems and policy change are needed, boy - everything is needed at this stage, but it can take a while. Where as you can make changes today which will have an immediate carbon saving impact.

Why wait? Take action today.

The benefits of individual action

Do Nation is here to help millions of people adopt climate considerate lifestyles which in tandem, help people feel happier and fitter, sometimes save money, and feel more fulfilled at work.

Reduced carbon emissions, waste, water and pollution is the big picture benefit. However, we know that people like and need more immediate benefits to make behaviour change work. 

As a result, our menu of over 60 Do Actions helps switch out fossil-fuelled sedentary habits for active, people-powered alternatives.

1. Health and wellbeing benefits 
  • Over a third of Doers feel fitter and healthier after completing their pledges
  • Two thirds of people who took part in a challenge felt an increased sense of wellbeing
  • 85% increased their awareness of, and interest in, environmental and social sustainability.
  • 81.5% made them more proud that their organisation is involved in tackling sustainability.
2. A great place to work 
"It’s been a great journey and process - I’ve learned so much more about us as an organisation. And personally I've learned so much more about climate change, and that, as an individual, has been massive for me." -  Julia, Group Engagement Engagement Manager, SSE
71% of Doers say they are more aware of their organisation’s sustainability work as a result of their Do Nation campaign.

81% of Doers say they are more proud of their organisation thanks to Do Nation.

78% of millennials want to work for an organisation that makes positive social impact (Kin & Co, 2016). This means that there’s a benefit to making employees aware of and involved in your sustainability work.

Actions speak louder than words – get employees taking action and it’ll help to raise awareness of your wider sustainability work by making them feel more involved in it. 

Read more workplace benefits in this expanded version of this article.

3. Community 

Being part of a community making a difference together, and knowing that their actions will benefit those they love, in the future brings an increased sense of wellbeing.

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