Change your campaign information

Here's how to edit your individual campaign.

For an individual campaign, by default only the creator of a campaign has permission to edit it. They may add people as Campaign Editors on a campaign-by-campaign basis.

Once you are a Campaign Editor:

1. Go to your campaign page 

2. Find the dark blue bar menu on the left of the page. 

Here you can:

  1. Edit the campaign information, including the banner image, the title, and the description of the campaign or team.
  2. Edit the Priority Do Actions so that they match your specific campaign's priorities at that time.
  3. Add other editors to help share or hand over the responsibility.

You will also find a 'Share' section which has all sorts of useful tools to help you share your campaign more widely.

For organisations

Editing organisational campaign pages is very similar, depending on how your organisation's programme has been set up. Take a look at our campaign creation and editing section for more help.

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