Why employee engagement matters

Here we explain why a company should care about engaging employees in sustainability, and encourage them to take up more environmentally friendly behaviours

1. Reducing environmental impacts

On average, workplace behaviour change programmes can reduce energy costs by 10% (Carbon Trust). That’s not to mention waste and travel costs.

By engaging staff in sustainability, they’re more likely to factor it into their own work – unlocking significant innovations and commitments. 

For example, after pledging to use a reusable water bottle, a Network Rail director committed to phasing out the use of 100,000’s water bottles on their sites.

2. Building environmental champions

Having a network of champions throughout the company is valuable for any sustainability manager, amplifying their reach.

By asking people to take action and lead change, our clients have been able to identify who is most committed to sustainability, recruiting them as champions for wider sustainability work.

75% of our users say they’re more proud of their organisation thanks to their Do Nation campaign.

3. Improving health and wellbeing

Healthy, happy employees are more productive employees, as countless research shows.

65% of our users improved their wellbeing thanks to their pledge – either from the action directly or from the sense of being part of a community taking action together.

Many environmentally friendly actions – such as walking up the stairs – also improve health. 47% of our users said their pledge helped to improve their health.

4. Attracting and retaining talent

78% of millennials want to work for an organisation that makes positive social impact (Kin & Co, 2016). This means that there’s a real HR benefit to making employees aware of and involved in your sustainability work.

Actions speak louder than words – get employees taking action and it’ll help to raise awareness of your wider sustainability work by making them feel more involved in it. 

58% of our users say they are more aware of their organisation’s sustainability work as a result of their Do Nation campaign.

5. Developing leadership skills

Encouraging others to adopt healthy, environmentally friendly habits requires a broad range of leadership skills – communications, influence, innovation, and project management, to name a few.

Employee engagement campaigns create a great opportunity for staff (especially those with a passion for sustainability) to develop and demonstrate these leadership skills. 

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