How to pay

This article explains how we take payment. It differs depending on which subscription your organisation uses. 

In this user guide:

Do Nation Pro

Do Nation Plus



Do Nation Pro requires credit or debit card payment each month through our secure online payment portal. This is delivered using Stripe, one of the world’s leading payment processors.

You are charged per person, per month.  Stripe monitors when people are added and removed to accurately charge you pro rata for each person. Your first payment will be for your first month in arrears, plus the coming month in advance. All following payment is taken for the month ahead. 

Do Nation Plus is invoiced quarterly. We currently email this invoice though we plan to open up credit card payment option for Plus soon.

If you aren’t able to pay by card, contact us to arrange alternative invoicing options. This is only usually available to clients on our Plus or Enterprise subscriptions.

Enterprise is arranged on a case by case basis. 

Individuals are not charged for using Do Nation. Hurrah! Just spread the word and get as many people pledging as possible.

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