Creating leaderboards, for organisations

This step by step guide shows you how to create a leaderboard, for organisations, and explains where to find it, for admins and Doers. You can create as many leaderboards as you like. 

By the end of this article you should be able to:

  • Understand how leaderboards can help your campaign
  • Be able to create a leaderboard (you can create as many as you like)

In this user guide:

Leaderboard overview

Step by step guide

Leaderboard page overview

A leaderboard creates a bit of friendly competition and helps people feel part of a wider community, taking action together.

A leaderboard only works if you have multiple campaign pages, one for each team. The leaderboard ranks your campaigns against each other and can be sorted by various metrics.

Plus and Enterprise organisations can have leaderboards within a leaderboard! For example, different department teams at one location can live in one leaderboard, and all the top level locations can feed into your national leaderboard. 

Admins edit leaderboards and update the Priority Do Actions for all campaigns within a leaderboard in bulk.

Where Doers find it: On your organisation profile page, hit the blue title above the leaderboard and it’ll take you there. Or, if your campaign is not private, search for your campaign (team) name or organisation and it’ll be listed on the search results page under ‘Leaderboards’

Who can see it: Everyone, if it’s a publicly visible Do Nation. Only admins can see the blue admin panel on the left.

Step by step guide

You’ll need:

  • Admin permissions to your Do Nation account (if you're logged in and can see the left hand dark blue column, shown below, you are an admin)
  • More than one team in your programme, and campaign pages set up
  • To know which team campaign pages are going in the leaderboard
  • A name for your leaderboard
  • Some personalised text for your leaderboard page

Step 1

in the admin menu, click create then choose Leaderboard from the drop down menu, or click the little pop out arrow next to 'create a leaderboard' in your Get started guide.

Step 2

Name your leaderboard and relevant information for your people and teams. We've handily popped some placeholder text in there if you need to go away and think on it for a bit.

Step 3

Choose how you would like the data organised by selecting from the drop down menu under 'Default ordering'. 

Tip: if you choose one of the 'confirmed' options, no results will show for 2 months, until your Doers start confirming their pledges. Popular options are 'pledges', 'CO2 pledged' and 'pledges per person' if the team sizes vary.

Step 4

Select the campaigns you would like to be part of that leaderboard. And your leaderboard is created!

NB If your teams are different sizes, make sure you completed the 'number of people' field for each campaign. To do this:

  1. Click 'edit campaign' on each of your campaign pages
  2. Find 'number of people' field under step 2.

Then the leaderboard can be sorted on a 'per person' basis, balancing out differences in team size.

If this makes less sense than a mountaineer in a golf buggy, you may have skipped a step or two. Take a look at this guide to creating campaign pages before moving on to leaderboards.

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