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Key things to know

Pro payments explained

Plus payments explained

Enterprise payments explained

Key things to know

  • All Organisations can utilise the free two week trial.
  • We do not ask for card details in order for you to trial the platform and therefore you will not be charged automatically once these two weeks have ended. If you would like to continue after the two week trial you will need to click ‘Upgrade’ and then enter your card details.
  • All Pro subscriptions must be paid via credit card.
  • Payment will be taken once a month for your subscription - no more, no less. 
  • Payments are based on how many participants you invite to join your programme via the manage users page rather than on how many people actively sign up.
  • We use Stripe to securely manage all credit card payments. 
  • Stripe calculates on a pro rata basis meaning that your monthly payments may not be perfectly round numbers. If you add or remove users during a month, Stripe will adjust the following month’s invoice to account for this on a pro-rata basis ensuring you are being fairly charged.
  • If you remove users before cancelling your subscription, any credit owed due to unused user seats will be held on your account and can be used towards future subscriptions.

Pro subscriptions

Payment 1
This will be taken on the first day after your two week free trial has ended. The amount is based on how many managed users you have on your Do Nation profile on that day. So if you just have 1 person signed up so far, your first monthly payment will be £1 + VAT.

Payment 2 
This will be taken on the day you upgrade and enter your card details. It’s this payment that tends to confuse, but don’t be alarmed. The amount is based on how many managed users were added (or taken away) after Payment 1 was made, however it is also taking payment for the month ahead (this is calculated based on how many managed users you have on the date Payment 2 is taken).

Payment 3 (onwards)
This payment is taken one month after Payment 2. It is paying for the month ahead. If it is a little less, or a little more than anticipated this will be due to any adjustments that needed to be made from the previous month based on whether users were added or deleted in the previous month.

Plus Subscriptions‎

‎Do Nation Plus is invoiced quarterly. We currently email this invoice through to you.  The invoices are based on the number of users you have on your organisation's account at the time the invoice is issued.

Enterprise Subscriptions

Arranged on a case by case basis.

Book a call to discuss your needs and get a quote.

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