Campaigns explained

Do Nation is a tool that allows you to tackle the climate crisis in a practical, meaningful way. It's a place where you can run a campaign and raise pledges. Campaign pages at Do Nation are the digital hub for your real life campaign.

A hub of information, a hive of activity

A campaign is a page in Do Nation that acts as a hub for your campaign's activity. It's where:

✓ People can read about your campaign purpose and goals 
✓ Your friends, family and colleagues go when you ask them to pledge
✓ You can see all the pledges that have been made, and the impact your Doers are having, together. 

Campaign pages for individuals vs organisations

Campaign pages work in two slightly different ways, depending on whether:

1. You're an  individual, using Do Nation to engage one group of people. 
2. You're an  organisation looking to engage lots of people, who can be grouped into teams.

If you're an organisation, your programme will have most success if people are grouped into teams. Each team has their own campaign page, or hub, which promotes a feeling of community and creates a little friendly competition.

Multiple teams can then use Leaderboards to see how all the different teams are doing. This article explains how to set up campaign pages, for organisation. 

The rest of this article explains campaigns for individuals. If you're an organisation, go here.

Why create a campaign? 

Think of those times you've asked people for money or items to support some kind of event, like running a 5k or getting married. 

A campaign in Do Nation is similar, only you're asking for sponsorship in the form of actions, which we call pledges. We created Do Nation because we believe the environment needs us to take action, more than it needs our cash.

Whether you have a birthday or bar mitzvah coming up, a sporting event you are training for, or you just want to do your bit for the environment, and help your friends do the same. Creating a campaign on Do Nation helps you do all that; inspiring your friends, family, and colleagues to take action for our planet and our future.

How it Works

1. Create your campaign

Explain what you’re doing and why you’d like people to support you. Follow this step by step guide to creating a campaign.

2. Share with friends

You run your campaign to raise pledges. Friends, family and colleagues pick from our menu of 60+ Do Actions, and pledge to try it for 2 months. 

People can pledge to do things like eat less meat, avoid single use plastic, or switch to a renewable energy provider. There are lots of pledges to choose from and people can personalise their pledges to make them meaningful and achievable

Your campaign page shows all the pledges people have made and the impact everyone is having together.

Read these tips for sharing your campaign.

3. Watch the impact grow

We know that together we can make a big difference so on your campaign page we calculate and display how much carbon the your supporters' pledges could save. Do share updates with your supporters to help them stick to their pledges and make new ones.

Why does it say 0 carbon confirmed?

Two months after your supporters make a pledge, we'll ask then to confirm their actions. At that point we can start calculating and displaying the actual carbon savings your campaign has achieved. Up till that point it's a promise.

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