Making a pledge

You would like to make a pledge, this is brilliant news! This article will show you you the way.

By the end of this article you'll be able to:

✓ Find and choose a Do Action to pledge
✓ Personalise and make your pledge 
✓ Understand how to stick to a pledge

Choosing a Do Action to pledge

This sounds simple, because it is! 

✓ Choose from over 60 Do Actions; there's something for everyone!
✓ Filter by food, travel, home, lifestyle or work.
✓ Tick 'view the benefit's and you'll see whether you'll save money, water, carbon or improve your health or community 

When you click on your chosen Do Action you can:

✓ Personalise it to make it relevant and achievable to you
✓ See how much carbon you'll save as your personalise it. 

We love big dreams and high hopes, though make sure to pledge action that is achievable. Overly ambitious pledges can set you up to fail, so keep it realistic. You can level up each time you make a new pledge and stretch targets and impact over time. 

Making a pledge 

It's helpful to know know which campaign you're supporting; your friend or workplace can give you a link or a campaign name, or use our search function. Either way, there are three different ways to make a pledge:

1. From the Do Nation landing page
Watch this 45 second video of how to support a campaign from the landing page.
This video assumes you are logged in - if you are not, you will be prompted to log in after hitting 'pledge'.

2. From your profile page  
Watch this 45 second video on how to support a campaign by making a pledge from your profile page.
This video assumes you are logged in. Click 'log in' in the top right hand corner. 

3. From the Do Actions list
Watch this 30 second video on how to support a campaign by making a pledge from the Do Actions list.

Sticking to a pledge 

So here's the thing; behaviour change can be tough, but it can also be surprisingly easy. We've been doing this for 10 years, so we know what works.

Here are our three top tips:

1. Make it achievable. If you've never sewed anything before, you're unlikely to fix a new zip to your old jeans on the first attempt, without any hiccups. All the cliches are true: Rome wasn't built in a day, Cathedrals are made using many bricks, baby steps. 

2. Change your environment. What can you change to make it easier to remember your new habit and stick to it?

For example, if you're the type who loses keys, having a hook in a visibly unavoidable place just inside the house helps you lose them less.

  • If you are trying to eat less meat, buy less meat; go to a greengrocers to get your shopping or go to a veggie-only cafe so won't be tempted.
  • If you want to cycle more, ask a partner or flatmate to hide your rail pass or car keys (we recommend choosing a trusted friend for this one) and make sure you have the right clothes so a bit of rain or cold doesn't make or break it for you.
  • Turning the heat down on your boiler so your water doesn't get too hot, is easier than moderating the water temperature in the shower each day.

We'll email you practical tips like this throughout your pledge period, and you can find advice in the 'how' section of each Do Action page.

3. Be part of a community.
Making your commitment public keeps you true; your pledge appears on the campaign page you're pledging to, and you can share your pledge socially too. Being held accountable helps. And knowing other people around you are striving to make similar changes. 
There are tweets at the bottom of every Do Action page which you can share. 
Tag @the_donation to your vegan meals, bike pics, solar panels, reusable water bottles and the rest! on instagram, facebook and twitter

We hope this gets you off to the best possible start! We'll send you a couple of emails tips for your pledge during the 2 month pledge period, and at the end we'll ask you to confirm how you got on.

Best of luck and let us know how it goes!

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