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There are a few different pages for your activity on Do Nation. Here’s an outline to help you get settled in. We’re aiming to make it more and more intuitive over time - we really shouldn’t need to tell you this stuff. But for now please have patience and feel free to make any recommendations.

Personal Profile:

Purpose: This is you. It lists your pledges, campaigns you’ve created personally, and organisations you’re a part of. From here you can update your contact details and report back on how you got on with your pledge.

Where you find it: the avatar on the top right of the site, which appears by your name when logged in.

Organisation page

Purpose: To allow programme managers to manage their programmes. From here organisation admins can update organisation details, subscription info, manage users, create new campaigns, and view impact dashboards. It also lists all your campaigns and leaderboards.

Where you find it: hover over your avatar on the top right and you should see your organisation listed in the drop down.

Leaderboard page:

Purpose: To create a bit of friendly competition, and a sense of working together as a wider community. Programme managers can edit leaderboards from here too.

Where you find it: On your organisation page, hit the title above the leaderboard and it’ll take you to its dedicated page.

Campaign pages:

Purpose: To act as the hub for communities of people taking action together. From here you can make a pledge, see who else has pledged, and see the total impact you’ve achieved together. Organisations can create one of these for each team.

Where you find them: The bottom of your organisation page. If you have a leaderboard, they will be listed within this. If you don’t, then your campaigns will simply be listed as tiles at the base of your organisation page.

Do Action pages:

Purpose: provide more information, inspiration, and advice on each action to users.

Where you find them: any time a Do Action is mentioned in a list of pledges, it should link to its Do Action page.

You can also find any of the pages above by searching for them in the search bar at the top of all pages.

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