Campaign timings

This article covers key considerations when planning the timings for your programme, pre- and post-launch.

It's most useful for Pro and Plus tiers. Enterprise partners are supported through this process by their account manager.

Your campaign is split into two phases; pre-launch and post-launch. The most successful programmes are the ones with solid plans for both phases. 

In this user guide:

Pre-launch timings

Planning employee engagement

Pick a great launch date

Campaign length

Three month campaign cycle

Long term campaigns

Pre-launch timings

It can take between 3 and 12 weeks to launch your campaign, depending on the product you choose

  1. The Pro tier is our self service option, you can get up and running almost immediately. 
  1. On the Plus tier you may need about 4 weeks to plan the customisable elements of your site.
  1. Enterprise partners have bespoke site made for them so it takes a month or two to build the customised site and work through contracts and your organisations’ GDPR requirements. 

Planning employee engagement

Allow 2-6 weeks to plan your campaign and engagement communications.

Great campaigns are tied to a wider purpose, like the launch of a new organisational sustainability goal or project, or something broader like World Environment Day, or a big event like COP26. It will help your campaign if you also make action relevant to people as individuals, not just as members of your organisation.  

It's helpful to consider whether the campaign can link to:   

Your organisation's wellbeing and sustainability policies

  • Internal wellbeing (many of our Do Actions improve health, wellbeing and save people money)
  • Sustainability initiatives
  • Product launches, new strategy launches
  • An office move, merger or anniversary
  • Product launches, new strategy launches
  • An office move, merger or anniversary 

The more relevant the programme, the more likely they are to pledge and complete their climate changing actions. Each of our tiers offers a different level of customisation so it's relevant to your people with Enterprise offering the most customisation. 

Pick a great launch date

  1. Select a relevant, meaningful launch date, either:
    1. For your organisation Does the programme link to a strategic milestone, like a new product launch or initiative?
    2. For your wider community A global event like World Environment Day, COP26 or similar. 
    3. January or September These are months for new initiatives, as people are more open to forming new habits. 
The more relevant you make your launch date, the more success you’ll have, so tie it closely to events that your people can connect to either personally or professionally.

The process of setting up your pages on Do Nation can take just minutes, it’s the planning and procurement processes that usually take time, so allow time for these.

Campaign length

You have control over how long your programme runs, after the initial three months.

Our minimum subscription period is 3 months. This allows time to ramp up and wind down either side of the 2 month pledge period. 

Three month campaign cycle

Month 1: A focused burst of communications to promote the programme and get people on board. Weekly announcements encourage take up in the first 4 weeks.

Month 2: Interim ‘pledge heroes’ announced. Doers carry out their pledged actions, supported by emailed from Do Nation to help them stay on track. 

Month 3: Eight weeks after they made their pledge, we send doers an email so they can confirm how they did. The numbers and impact build, then we share your 3 month impact stats. 

Of course, that’s only the beginning!

Long term campaigns

Some organisations have been working with us for years, growing their engagement and shifting their focus to different action areas over time.

Long-running campaigns weave Do Nation pledging and action into their company culture by including in onboarding and induction and quarterly and annual reviews.

Our insights from seven years of working with organisations show that 12-24 month campaigns help to embed sustainable behaviour in your organisation at individual level, and promote a culture of wellbeing, collaboration and action.

Once the first wave of pledges is completed, many organisations launch another wave, getting employees to record new pledges and start the cycle again. Perhaps with a different theme and a new seasonal range of Do Actions on offer.

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