How to plan your Do Nation

This article covers the key things to consider before launching your campaign.

In this user guide:

Plan your Do Nation Program

Plan the people

Plan your customisation

1. Plan your Do Nation Program 

Hands up who loves the journey AND the destination? Great!

These articles will help you define your path and destination:

  1. Campaign timings
  2. Set targets
  3. Measure impact

Some organisations use Do Nation to help align their people with their sustainability strategy over a year or two, whilst others use our platform as a long term behaviour change tool, with ongoing programmes that embed everyday sustainable living into their workplace culture. 

We can customise your Do Nation programme to suit your objectives. Find out about our different subscription tiers

 2. Plan the people 

Whether you're launching to a subset of your organisation, or the whole place, you'll need a lead admin (this may be you!), some champions or team leaders, and senior sponsors (this may also be you!).

  1. Different roles and engaging the right people
  2. Structuring teams
  3. Employee engagement tips

Have at least one senior leader on board as a passionate and vocal advocate and think about other internal influencers - these can become your Team Leaders and drive the success of your programme.

You can create unlimited teams and campaign pages as a hub for each team. With our our leaderboard feature, you can encourage a little healthy competition between teams. We recommend between 10 - 150 people per team. If team sizes vary slightly, that’s fine - our leaderboards can sort them based on pledges or carbon per person.

Get more support and advice about teams and engagement as a Do Nation Plus subscriber.

 3. Plan your customisation 

Yes! Now you're talking.

There's different amount of customisation available to different tiers. The basics available to everyone are covered in this customisation guide. Read about different customisation options in this features and pricing guide.

Book a call with us if you are interested in a fully customised site or to create a brand new Do Action for your Plus or Enterprise site.

Answering these big questions will help you choose the right subscription and help you plan your campaign. It’ll also help us know how to help you. If you think you will be going with Plus or Enterprise, book an intro call with us to get started.
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