Setting campaign targets for your organisation

A target is essential so you know what success looks like. It’ll help galvanise your people to work together to reach a goal.

In this user guide:

Relevant, achievable targets

Targets per person

Bespoke impact stats

Relevant, achievable targets 

We're all in this to make sustainable living as pain-free as possible. So set yourself up for success and make sure your goal is realistic yet optimistic. 

Over the last decade we've seen the most successful Do Nation programmes have targets that chime closely with wider organisational goals and strategies.

Your target could be:

  • The number of pledges made
  • The carbon pledged
  • The confirmed or annual carbon savings.

If you've set your targets and you're looking to measure your impact, see this article

innocent target and leaderboard

We will give you loads of fun impact stats to share internally, just explore your impact dashboard around the time your first wave of pledges are being completed and confirmed. 

Bear in mind, the data on confirmed annual carbon savings won’t start coming through for a few months, so it's an idea to communicate your initial target based on  pledged

Ooni Pizza Ovens were measuring their carbon footprint at the time of their programme, so they set their target metric as carbon saved. 

In their 2017 campaign, Innocent Drinks set their target to save 20,000 kg CO2 / 250,000 bananas worth of carbon.

Targets per person

People have most success when they make 2-3 pledges to start with. 

More than that and it can be hard to stick with. Saying that, Do Nation lore tells of one senior leader who pledged 14 Do Actions in the first month and was publicly held to account via friendly yet persistent reminders from his colleagues!

Bespoke impact stats

For Do Nation Plus subscribers we can create bespoke impact stats, e.g. bananas worth of carbon, or truck journeys between two depots. 

Contact us or upgrade to customise your programme further.

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