Signing up for a free trial

The Free Trial of Do Nation Pro gives you access to all the Pro features for 2 weeks, allowing you to invite up to 10 users to take part. Woohoo!

You'll be able to:

✓  Create and personalise campaign pages

✓  Invite users to join and pledge

✓  Play around with the features 

Sign up to the free trial and start encouraging action in your organisation.

We don't ask for any commitment or take billing details until you decide to upgrade and continue with your programme - which you can do at any time.

We hope the free trial gives you a taster of what Do Nation can help you achieve environmentally and culturally in your organisation. 

75% of our users say they’re more proud of their organisation thanks to their Do Nation campaign.

Read how Do Nation can help engage your employees and increase their health and wellbeing, as well as their bond to where they work.

If you decide not to continue at the end of your free trial, your organisation subscription will be deactivated and you lose access to all Pro features (e.g. impact dashboards). Pledges made during the trial won't show up on the campaign and however the pledges will remain active, and the Doers can complete them once the two month pledge period is up.

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