Measuring your impact

Now for the really juicy bit; measuring your impact. 

This article covers how to find and share your campaign's impact figures.

Do Nation is built on the power of individual action adding up to significant change. Our impact dashboard feature allows you to share your programme's aggregated data, in stats that are quantified to bring them to life.

In this user guide:

Impact dashboards

Sharing your impact

Rob made a pledge to waste less food, saving 86 kg CO2. Not enough to make a dent on climate change alone, but a significant contribution to his team’s total of 76 pledges and 2,755 kg CO2. And together, across all their offices, innocent’s employees have saved as much carbon as 4,000 flights from London to Paris. That's empowering - and has motivated Rob to keep stepping up his efforts.

Impact dashboards

There are four impact dashboards available in all our subscriptions. Plus and Enterprise accounts also have access to pledge and survey data.

1. Pledges: this tab shows the potential impact of pledges made - i.e what they’d save over the two months if each one was successful. You can use the bar charts to see when peaks of activity were, and so assess which communications efforts have been particularly effective.

2. Confirms: once users start to reach the end of their two month pledge period, this tab gets really interesting. It shows the confirmed carbon, water, and waste savings, both over two months, and extrapolated for annual savings too.

3. Do Actions: you can use this chart to see which actions have been most popular and which have saved the most carbon. That can be pretty handy for informing sustainability priorities and initiatives going forward.

4. Impact stats: This is where things get fun. Here’s a huge wall of stats about your impact. Use them in your internal and external comms to engage people in the campaign.

We can also send you an excel download of the detailed pledge data, as well as the more in-depth impact survey some users will fill in at the end of their pledges. You’ll need to upgrade to Do Nation Plus to enable this.

Sharing your impact

Once you've launched, share your stats regularly with team leaders, senior sponsors and pledgers to help drive engagement; it validates everyone's individual input when they see it adding up to more, and it motivates people to keep pledging. 

1. Take screen grabs of your favourite quantified stats: share them on internal and external social channels. 

2. Celebrate everyone's efforts so far, and use the stats to encourage more pledges;  "Can we get to 5 car journeys around the world by the end of the month?"

3. Use your popular pledge data: nudge people who've not pledged yet. Perhaps ask those who have pledged it to write a short post or share a quick story about how surprisingly easy they found it, and any of the unexpected benefits they experienced along the way. 

4. At the end of your programme: make a big deal of celebrating everyone's effort, regardless of performance. Any degree of positive behaviour change is a valid step in the right direction. Customers on our Plus and Enterprise have access to valuable, in depth campaign data, as well as qualitative and quantitative data from our end of pledge survey. 

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