Creating a profile and account, for organisations

This is the exciting first step in getting your Do Nation programme up and running. We're so glad you're here.

This article shows you how to set up a profile page for your organisation, what it does and how people can find it. 

This guide is most helpful if you're using a Pro or Plus tier. To find out about a fully bespoke site for your programme, contact us.

By the end of this article you should be able to:

✓ Understand how what organisation pages do
✓ Be able to create sign up and create a profile for your organisation

Organisation page overview 

Think of this as your company profile page. It’s the gateway for your Doers to visit your campaign and leaderboard pages, and it’s the place for admins to manage their programme.

Here you can update organisation details, view subscription info, manage users, create new campaign and leaderboards and view your dashboards. 

It also lists all your campaigns and leaderboards.

Where Doers find it: Hover over your avatar in the top right hand corner and you should see your organisation listed in the drop down menu - or, if it’s a publicly viewable organisation, you can find it in the search under ‘organisations’.

Step guide

You’ll need:

✓ Your organisation’s logo
✓ A picture for your organisation 
✓ Some text about your organisation's Do Nation programme (optional)

Step 1

Create a personal profile by going to our organisations page - simply click the bright green 'start your free trial' button.

Step 2

Click 'sign up your organisation' in the top 'Professional campaigns' section', this takes you to our Organisations homepage. Hit the bright green 'start your free trial' button.

Step 3

Enter the basic sign up information and hit confirm. If you don't have an account already, you'll need to confirm your email address, which takes just 2 shakes of a artic fox's tail.

Step 4

You've arrived at your admin portal! 

Step 5

From here, follow the Get Started guide and:

✓ Upload a logo
✓ Add some intro information about your organisation's Do Nation mission
✓ Upload a background image
✓ Include links to your social media pages

This page may not be used as much as your campaign page or pages, so you may like to include some of your descriptive information on your campaign pages, too. 

Step 6

Return to this organisational hub to view your programme's activity, and to edit your pages, create campaigns and leaderboards and manage users.

Brilliant work 🎉

Now the fun really begins; you'll start to see your Do Nation environment come to life as you create campaign pages for your teams 

Take a look at our tips for engaging the right people and for structuring teams and recruiting the right people, then set up a campaign page for each team.

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